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384 Oyster Point Blvd, Suite 12
South San Francisco, CA, 94080
United States

Steel Heart Dance is a dance studio dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing space where women can grow stronger, feel sexier, and learn more about themselves and the sensual movement that will empower them. We offer ongoing pole dance classes, workshops, and opportunities for choreographers, instructors, and students to work independently in the studio. We also host parties and events. Our goal is to create a community where dancers, students, and instructors, work together to promote and support sensual movement, the pole dance arts, and female empowerment. We look forward to dancing with you!

Dance with us!


Welcome to Steel Heart Dance!

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***Introductory classes—VIRGIN POLE!—are held on various Wednesdays and Mondays every month. Please check our calendar!***

We believe in community, strength, connection, and the beauty of the female spirit. We are pro sensuality, sexuality, and movement therapy, pro LGBTQ, body acceptance, self-love...we are PRO YOU! Our instructors and students come from all walks of life and represent all sorts of body types and fitness levels. Pole dancing is for everyone. And we LOVE to dance--DANCE WITH US!

Steel Heart Dance...Connecting HEART, SOUL, and POLE